Library Materials

Loan Periods:
  • Books – 3 weeks with one renewal
  • Magazines – 1 week with one renewal
  • DVDs – 1 week with one renewal
  • Cake pans – 1 week with one renewal
  • Stamp Kits – 1 week with one renewal
  • Books on CD – 3 weeks with one renewal 

(if others are on a waiting list for any item, no renewal is possible.)

E-Book & Audio Book Borrowing:

The library is part of a state consortium which makes the borrowing of e-books and audio books online possible for our Polk City library cardholders. To learn more about this service, please click this link! (This service is offered to you solely by your home library. If you are not a Polk City library cardholder, check with your home library to see if they also offer this service.)

Inter-Library Loan Service:

For Polk City library card holders only, we offer inter-library loan services. If there is an item you are looking for that we do not have in our collection, we will check to see if another library in the state does and borrow it in for you to use. (Inter-library loan services are always provided solely by your home library.) 

Online Resources:

The library provides a number of great online resources for its registered cardholders. These can be accessed in the library or through the library website. If you are researching a topic, preparing for a test or new career, or setting up a small business, we have what you need. Click the My Account button on our website, log in to your account and check out all the great free resources you can access!