Sanitary Waste Water


Polk City Wastewater Collection System

The City of Polk City had its first sanitary sewer system installed in 1963. The city now partners with the Wastewater Reclamation Authority (WRA) conveyance system which consists of multiple sanitary sewers that have been in service since the end of 2013. The WRA conveyance system extends into many counties with approximately 125 miles of sanitary sewer with pipe sizes up to 144 inches in diameter. Our community which consits of over 54 miles of sanitary sewer lines is conveyed to 2 of the cities lift stations and from there to the WRA. Polk City Public Works employees maintain the cities lift stations. 


The system directs flows to the Wastewater Reclamation Facility under normal flow conditions. Under periods of high flows, equalization basins throughout the system are utilized to temporarily store flows which are in excess of what can be treated at the Wastewater Reclamation Facility. Once the flows return to normal, the equalization basins are then drained back into the system and the stored flows are treated. 

Flow Volumes

Flow volumes are monitored by various flow meters throughout the conveyance system. These volumes are used to allocate operating costs to the different communities that make up the WRA and are also used for operational purposes.

Back-up Emergencies

If you have a wasterwater emegency contact City Hall at 515-984-6233