Snow Ordinance

Responsibility of Residence
Snow Ordinance

Dumping of Snow

It is unlawful for any person to throw, push, or place or cause to be thrown, pushed or placed, any ice or snow from private property, sidewalks, or driveways onto the traveled way of a street or alley so as to obstruct gutters, or impede the passage of vehicles upon the street or alley or to create a hazardous condition therein; except where, in the cleaning of large commercial drives in the business district it is absolutely necessary to move the snow onto the street or alley temporarily, such accumulation shall be removed promptly by the property owner or agent. Arrangements for the prompt removal of such accumulations shall be made prior to moving the snow. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 364.12 [2]

Fine for placing debris on or dumping of snow

The penalty for this unlawful action as outlined in Section 135.03, Placing Debris On and Section 135.12, Dumping of Snow may be charged upon a simple notice of a fine payable at the office of the City Clerk. The simple notice of a fine shall be in the amount of twenty-five dollars ($25.00).

Removal of snow, ice, and accumulations 

It is the responsibility of the abutting property owners to remove snow, ice and accumulations promptly from sidewalks. If a property owner does not remove snow, ice or accumulations within twenty-four (24) hours after a snowfall or the deposit or formation of ice thereon, the City may do so and assess the costs against the property owner for collection in the same manner as a property tax. The abutting property owner may be liable for damages caused by failure to maintain the sidewalk by removal of snow, ice and accumulations.

Fire Hydrants

Residents are encouraged to keep a three foot clearance around fire hydrants to ensure they are accessible, in the event of a fire. If you do not have a hydrant in your yard, consider adopting one. This is a great way to ensure it is always clear during a snow event.


In order to ensure letter carriers are able to provide safe and timely mail delivery, clear enough snow from curbside boxes to allow mail trucks to approach the box, deliver the mail and to drive away from the box without danger of the need for backing. The carrier needs to get in, and then out, without leaving the vehicle or backing up.

Winter Parking

 A snow ordinance is in effect any time there is one-inch (1”) accumulation of snow or any accumulation of ice. Therefore, no person shall park, abandon or leave unattended any vehicle on any public street during such times of any snow fall or ice accumulation or for a period of twenty-four hours (24) after the termination of any snow fall or ice accumulation. The Police Chief is hereby given authority to erect emergency no-parking snow removal signs at such time as the Police Chief believes appropriate and proper. No person shall park his or her car in violation of such emergency no-parking snow removal signs.

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