Compost It!


New customers are provided a cart, in Polk City the City will pay the initial cost of the cart. Residents then purchase an annual program sticker to attach to the container. This sticker price covers the cost of the hauler picking up the yard waste for the annual Compost It! season.

The cart fee must be renewed annually for service each year. Users should contact city hall to sign up for the program or bring this completed form to city hall. Current users can renew their Premium Service sticker also at city hall.

The Compost It! Premium Service containers are for yard waste only. This includes grass clippings, leaves, branches, yard and garden trimmings, and brush. Containers are placed at the curb the same as trash containers and are collected weekly on Thursdays.

Excess yard waste can be put in standard Compost It! bags or as stickered bundles and placed with the wheeled container at the curb.