RFP for 510 S. 3rd Street Polk City, IA

RFP for 510 S. 3rd Street Polk City, IA
RFP for 510 S. 3rd Street Polk City, IA

This document constitutes a Request for Proposal. Acceptance of a proposal may result in a binding contract between the City of Polk City and the proposer, contingent upon certain legislative acts of the City Council related to the sale of land and a Development Agreement. Notice to proposers: Seven signed original proposals and one copy on a flash drive will be received by the City Clerk at City Hall. Please address all proposal(s) to: City Clerk, 112 3rd Street or PO Box 426 Polk City, IA 50226, on or before the date and time specified below. All proposals shall be enclosed in a sealed envelope and marked on the outside in bold letters:

Proposal for 510 S. 3rd Street

Proposals Due: 10:00 a.m.

Date: March 18, 2024

Proposals may be made to the city regarding a proposed development that is more specifically described in Section 1: Background Information and Project Goals. The City retains the right to reject all proposals, to ask for clarification, to enter into negotiations to discuss cost, scope of work, procedures and the final work product.
Acceptance of a proposal does not constitute contract approval or approval for construction purposes. Normal administrative reviews, legislative procedures and actions will be required, including but not limited to property sale, negotiation of a development agreement, approval of financing, site plan review and building permit approvals.

Questions should be directed via e-mail to:

Chelsea Huisman, City Manager
City of Polk City
112 S. 3rd Street
Polk City, IA 50226