Public Works

Responsibilities and Services

The City of Polk City Public Works Department oversees city streets, sanitary sewers, storm water drainages, water treatment and distribution components that serve Polk City, public right-or-ways, storm warning systems, traffic control devices, building services,moquito control, and the locating and GPS of city utilities for excavation operations that take place in the city. This includes, but not limited to:

  • 60 miles of streets
  • Water Treatment plant that pumps 425,000 gallons per day; not inculding another 400,000 gallons per day purchased from Des Moines Water Works
  • Elevated Storage tank that holds 300,000 gallons of potable drinking water
  • 54 miles of water mains
  • 550 hydrants
  • 800 water main valves
  • 65 miles of sanitary sewer main
  • 2 lift stations

Seasonal Operations

During the winter months, the department clears snow from public streets, sidewalks and parking lots. Staff works continuously until streets are clear. This cold indoor season also gives the department a chance to make repairs to equipment and public facilities.

To prepare for winter, 300 tons of salt is ready to be applied to the roads this winter. On average, the department uses 250 tons of material.

In spring street cleaning of the entire city is done to gather all the remaining sand left on the street from the winter de-icing materials.

During spring and summer, the Public Works staff works vigorously to repair potholes, broken panels, damaged curbs, undermining storm sewer intakes, and other issues with the network of streets that make up our community. This is also when the department begins mowing and maintaining right-of-way and sanitary sewer easements.

Year-round tasks by Public Works

  • Ensuring the sanitary and storm sewer services are maintained and flowing as designed, this also includes lift stations.
  • Locate city owned and operated utilities prior to any project that involves digging within the city.
  • Oversees the care and janitorial components of the public buildings in the community.
  • Service and maintain all city vehicles.

Polk City's Public Works employees often work outside of an office environment.  If you need to speak with a member of Public Works call City Hall at 515-984-6233 and ask to speak to a Public Works employee.


Staff Contacts

Name Title
Mike Schulte Public Works Director
Dan'i Scott GIS Analyst/Utility Locator
Randy Franzen Public Works Supervisor
Dennis Godfrey Grounds Laborer/Water Meter Reader
Cody Moeckly Public Works Laborer
Nick Furness Construction Observer
Toby Ramsey Public Works Laborer/Street Sign Repairman