Answers to Common Questions:
City Hall in Polk City is located at 112 3rd Street, 984-6233, staff is available Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm to handle items including, but not limited to, water and sewer utility services, garbage, recycling Curb It! program, building permitting and pet licensing.

  • To start, stop or change water and sewer utilities contact City Hall. A $100 deposit is required to start service, but if you would like to set up an automatic payment of your water bill the deposit is waived. The Authorization Form for direct payment can be downloaded here or obtained at City Hall.
  • To sign up for the Curb It! recycling program contact City Hall. For a missed collection, call Metro Waste Authority, your recycling hauler, at 244-0021
  • Building permit applications can be obtained at City Hall or downloaded from our website. All required documents may be submitted to the City Clerk at City Hall or electronically.
  • Building permits are required for all new construction projects and renovations including any alterations made to an existing structure or the addition of buildings, accessory structures, pools, and/or fences. Plans must adhere to any Development Covenants, City Code of Ordinances and Easements of Record.
  • Construction permit requirements include a complete and signed application form, minimum supporting documents including a site plan with setbacks, lot dimensions and structure dimensions, specific design plans and easements. New Home permits also will require the house plans, mechanical system design documents and 2012 Iowa Energy Code compliance path documentation.
  • Annual License for Pets are required in Polk City. Every owner of a cat or dog six (6) months old or older shall procure a license for such cat or dog from the Clerk's office on or before the first day of January each year and shall pay to the Clerk a license fee for each animal. Avoid penalties by getting your pet licensed before March 31st. To obtain a license, a pet owner must present a current rabies vaccination certificate. Several animal protection and control laws are described in City Ordinance Chapter 55 including, but not limited to; number of animals restricted, at large prohibited and sanitation including proper disposal of pet waste. For more details on this chapter please visit our website.
  • The City has two facilities available to rent, the Community Room or Miller Park Shelter, to reserve please contact City Hall for available dates and times.

Public Works Maintenance Facility is located at 301 E Northside Dr. Some of the responsibilities of the Public Works Department include maintaining the City water supply, sanitary sewer and storm water sewer systems, street maintenance, street cleaning, snow and ice removal on streets and City property, and maintaining City Parks. For anything concerning these areas contact City Hall.

Polk City has a recycling center located at the Public Works facility along with a landscaping waste area for all Residents within Polk City Corporate City Limits. This area is intended for normal yard waste, brush trimming, grass clippings etc. No land or lot clearing materials are allowed, no dirt fill, concrete or landscaping timbers are accepted. Gate hours are open from 7am -7pm, 7 days a week.

Garbage Service is provided by a Contracted Hauler, ASI, in Polk City:
Please contact City Hall to start or cancel service. If you have a missed collection, please contact Metro Waste Authority 515.244.0021

To report a streetlight outage visit here or call 888-427-5632 to submit a streetlight repair request directly with MidAmerican Energy.

The Polk City Police Station and Fire Department are located at 309 W Van Dorn. If you have an emergency dial 911.

  • To contact the Fire Department call 984-6304 or email.
  • The FD is always looking for motivated individuals who would like to volunteer, anyone with interest or questions is encouraged to send an email.
  • For more information please visit here.
  • To contact the Police Department call 984-6565 or email. If you need dispatch please contact Polk County at 286-3333
  • Vacation Watch - If you are taking a vacation and would like the police to keep a watch on your residence, please call City Hall with the following information: your name, address, date you are leaving and returning, and a person to contact in case of problems. Also leave any additional information such as a light you might be leaving on or someone who will be picking up your mail.

Go Polk City, Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development is located at 302 W Broadway, Suite 5, 515-984-3098, visit here.

Polk City Post Office is located at 302 N. 3rd St. Polk City Postmaster, 984-6137.

Polk City Library is located at 1500 W Broadway St, 984-6119, open 10am to 8pm Monday through Thursday, Friday 10a-6p and Saturday 10a-4p, visit here for a calendar of events and more information.

Polk City has appointed a Neighborhood Citizen Group that is made up of seven districts based as closely as possible to populations and geographic regions. The intent is to allow a platform for input from different areas throughout the City. To find the appointed representative for your neighborhood please visit our website and/or to view the District Map.

To stay in the know please sign up for Polk City's electronic newsletter and/or notifications on the City Website, a wealth of information is available on our website but if you do not see what you are looking for, please send an email.